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MeiXin 360

Founded in 2010, the MeiXin Group offers a one-stop solution and satisfies travelers’ diversified needs. With extensive experience, the company takes care of anything that a tourist may be concerned with, offering both Swiss and Asian cuisine, luxurious accommodation, high-end transportation, duty-free shopping, and customized travel plans. Moreover, Meixin group exclusively cooperates with Swiss schools and medical institutions. Through its winter and summer camps, the group provides unique experiences for children. In case of medical tourism, we can provide high-tech medical assistance for any need.

Be it the world-renowned Cheese Fondue from the Swiss; French, Italian, German, Spanish cuisine and other European delicacies, or the hot pot from Sichuan and Hong Kong BBQ from China, Meixin Food & Service is always there, ready to entertain you with a variety of choices and bring the most authentic delicacy to the travelers throughout their journey.

Anytime, anywhere, Meixin Restaurant will always bring you with the local cuisines or the delicacy of your hometown. We believe that the familiar flavor and taste will be the best comfort along the journey.

At the foot of the Mt. Rigi, by the side of Lake Lucerne, there is a small town called Weggis. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Mark Twain once claimed that this is the loveliest place that he had ever been to.

The hotel management center of MeiXin Holidays is located in the center of this town.

Affiliated Hotels:

Meixin Holidays has legal driving qualifications and tourist bus licenses that are recognized throughout Europe. We are the only local Chinese-funded travel agency in Switzerland that has obtained a legal bus operating license.

We have a large bus fleet and a team of high-quality drivers. Currently, there are 20 Mercedes-Benz vclass commercial vehicles, eight 20-24-seat luxury minibuses, and six 49-seat coaches. The driver’s team is highly skilled, experienced and proficient in many languages.

Additionally, we also have a professional reservation department, purchasing buses from Europe, so as to better serve tourist groups and freelance travelers throughout Europe, including Switzerland.

MeiXin Holidays enjoys a close partnership with many Swiss travel agencies. It assists them in the promotion and sales of a wide range of tourism products to Chinese market, such as Jungfrau, Mt. Rigi, Golden Pass Express, and Lake Lucerne Navigation Company. Meanwhile, we are also the exclusive agent and official partner of Mt. Rigi, Saphir Cruises and Matterhorn in Europe. Currently, we are also shifting our focus to partnering with tourist destinations (Davos and Zermatt and etc.) and getting involved in their travel products and packages development. In this way, we can provide our customers with more unique travel products and high-quality experiences.

As a newly established cosmeceuticals brand, the Swiss Health & Beauty Shop is a big hit launched by Meixin Group in 2019. It aims to provide the best service and the best quality to empower your beauty, so as to win the best reputation. It follows the principle of “beyond excellence”, and goes through many rounds of careful selection by the Swiss HBS. Thanks to its in-depth partnership cooperates with the most popular and outstanding brands in Switzerland, it aims to provide customers with “excellent and premium” medical, health care and cosmeceutical products.

Currently, located in the center of Lucerne’s old town, Swiss HBS offers the customers with a wide range of products from many international brands, namely, Phytopharma、Swiss Estetic、Callys、Louis Widmer、Bimnosan、Curaprox, thus satisfying the different needs of customers. In addition, the store provides a multi-language (Chinese, English, German and etc) shopping guide service, which is the best choice for tourists to purchase cosmeceutical products. And you will enjoy the extraordinary shopping experience of “home away from home”.

Delight your trip with more colorful events in the evening.

Switzerland is a world-renowned destination for top-notch health care services. It boasts cutting edge medical therapies, customized medical services and excellent hopitals and clinics.

Founded 1891, the Clinique de La Source in Lausanne city center is the largest private institution in the area offering multidisciplinary acute care. It holds the “Swiss Leading Hospital” license issued by the Swissmedic. With a team of over 100 expert doctors, the clinic offers medical services across the spectrum: gynaecology and obstetrics, internal secretion, dermatology, neurology, oncology, diabetology, etc. Its anti-aging department is one of the few legal institutions providing anti-aging celluar skincare in Swtizerland.

The clinic’s impressive medical expertise, excellent track record and cutting-edge equipment enables it to provide perfect tailored medical services to global patients. And MeiXin, with its strong team and quality service, wins partnership with the clinic as its only designated service agent in China.

Leveraging Switzerland’s wonderful educational resources, it offers a wealth of study tours and customized winter and summer camp programs. MeiXin Holidays enables each Chinese kid to experience Switzerland’s most advanced education system by allowing them to explore and learn in the Alps, making learning fun, engaging and enriching.

Being a well-renowned boarding school in Switzerland, lyceum Alpoinum Zuoz is located in the mountains of St. Moritz. There are over 200 students from 30 countries and more than 100 local students. The school follows the educational philosophy of fair competition, self-discipline, cosmopolitanism and lifelong learning. It provides students with 4 academic programs, namely, IB Courses (International Baccalaureate), IB Career Related Course (IBCP), Matura from Switzerland and Abitur from Germany.

JohnF.Kennedy International School (JFK) was established in 1950. In 2005, Pro Cert awarded JFK with the Quality School Certificate (QSC) and the school was also accredited by the Berne Ministry of Education. It has four memberships from the Council of International Schools (CIS), the European Council for International Schools (ECIS), the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) and the Swiss Private Schools Association.

JFK is the preparatory primary school for the "King's College" ---Institut Le Rosey. With a 95% rate of enrollment, graduates can be directly enrolled in Institut Le Rosey. It is the first choice for parents of students who are expected to attend Institut Le Rosey but suffer from high entry barriers and limited enrollment quotas.

MeiXin's Strategic Brand

The affiliated brands of Meixin Group are collaborating together to further tap the business potential, creating the “Meixin 360”. A full range of customized services is provided, covering food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, health and education and etc. With integrated branding, a more entertaining and engaging experience becomes possible.
  • MeiXin Holidays

    Meixin Holidays has been extending its business scope from the initial travel agency to hotel operations, tourism product development and promotion, local tourist guide services, tour bus operations, vehicle leasing and health care. Currently, Meixin is not only a professional Swiss tourist destination management company, but also the largest Chinese-funded destination resource provider in Switzerland. Furthermore, it also provides local tourist guide service throughout Europe.

    As a premium local travel agency approved by the Swiss National Tourist Board, Meixin Holidays can issue ADS invitations and business invitations.

  • MeiXin Investments

    MeiXin Investments is committed to developing and investing in the operation and management of real estate properties in Switzerland. Our existing business portfolio covers but are not limited to: restaurant operations, duty-free shop operations, real estate consulting and transactions.

    There are five affiliated large restaurants and two duty-free shops located in the downtown area of Lucerne and Interlaken, which are two of Switzerland’s most famous tourist destinations.

  • Meixin 7 Express

    Meixin 7 Express provides express delivery and customs clearance services between Switzerland and China for both tour groups and individuals, making shopping and delivery more convenient and much faster.

  • Swiss Health & Beauty Shop

    Being a cross-border e-commerce platform, we cover all the large, medium and small local brands in Switzerland. A wide range of products are being listed, including maternal and baby products, make-ups, health care, Swiss food, and etc. Furthermore, a sound post-tourism service system has been established. With a large number of purchasing channels in place, tourists can repurchase the Swiss goods when they are back.

  • MeiXin Club

    Meixin Group has launched a new membership system which is called MeiXin Club. In order to become our Meixin member, what you have to do is just simply install Meixin Apps and you will be able to book tickets, restaurants, hotels and car rentals through the apps. Meanwhile, you can submit your name list and check your points on the apps.  
    Meixin Membership System is the masterpiece launched by Switzerland Meixin Group in 2019. Through its best service, quality, and reputation, every Meixin’s member will be able to enjoy the luxury and extraordinary “home” experience.


Founded in 2010, Meixin Group is a Swiss travel and tourism service company, providing integrated services, including catering, accommodation, travel, tourism, shopping, entertainment, education, health care and etc. Headquartered in Lucerne, its business presence also extends to Interlaken, Geneva, Poland, Malaysia, Shanghai, Nanjing.

With its sub-brands Meixin Holidays and Meixin Investment, Meixin focuses on Swiss tourist destination promotion and tourism supporting resources investment. Its business scope covers a wide range of areas, namely, catering investment and operation, hotel, real estate investment and operation, tourism product development and promotion, tour bus operation, car rental, local travel agency service, health care and education. We have fostered a strategic partnership with Amavita & Sunstore, Switzerland’s largest cosmeceutical group, to better develop the tourist market in Switzerland.

As an investment-oriented destination management company, Meixin has access to tourism resources, providing tourists with professional, high-quality and efficient services. It is highly committed to providing the most cost-effective, convenient one-stop travel service for the travelers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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